The Business of Voice Over

A suite of classes to turn your voice over talent into a sustainable small business


The Workflow of VO

Most classes about voice over teach you microphone and acting techniques. Many involve making your demo and some of t...

$289.00 USD

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Because we all have unique needs I have 3 options here so that you get the perfect fit.  The Workflow for VO ...

$19.99 USD

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The Audition Competition

What: a race to see who who can submit the most auditions, complete with first and second place prizes. When: O...

$20.00 USD

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À La Carte

Take only the parts of my course that are right for you! I am not a fan of buying things that I don't need.  So...

$59.99 USD

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Here's What You'll Learn To Become A Working VO Actor

Setting Yourself Up

Find out exactly what gear you need to get started.


Find out how to make your first demo and how to add more.

Finding the Work

A detailed overview on where all the jobs are, big and small.


How to choose which auditions to do, in what order, and how to submit them.

Doing the Work

You got the Job! Now what?! Discover the different ways to record a session and edit your recordings.

Maintaining Your Business

Keep your VO workflow smooth like a well-oiled machine!