The Workflow of VO

Most classes about voice over teach you microphone and acting techniques. Many involve making your demo and some of them address getting an agent. But almost none of them tell you about how to actually start making money doing voice over work. This workshop really breaks down the business-side of VO. We cover how to set up your home studio, where to find work, how to book the job, how to negotiate, how best to do the job and how to collect your money. 

This class consists of 22 sections, over the course of 6 lessons, along with handouts and the ability to ask Naomi Mercer any questions you have along the way.

  • Have you taken voice over classes on technique before? You finished the class excited and ready to work but then had no resources to find jobs to apply your new-found techniques to?
  • Are you a voice over actor with an agent that you never seem to get any auditions from?
  • Are you pursuing a career in entertainment in Los Angeles or New York and need a sustainable income with flexible hours?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, this class could be a great fit for you.  I break down, step by step, the business-side of voice over, how you can approach it like a small business and what that daily workflow looks like.

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